Powerful Accounting Management Services

Streamlined and comprehensive, designed to make your operation lean and profitable by reducing costs, improving efficiency and giving you more control over your business.

Management Consulting

Our areas of expertise focus mostly on the restaurant industry and include complete installation and implementation (including training) of Compeat, the best and most comprehensive accounting and restaurant management software in the country.

Restaurant Accounting Services

Our goal is to arm restaurant owners and operators with powerful, yet user friendly financial management and accounting systems that will transform their business into a lean, profitable operation…-Brian J. McAnneny, President & Founder

Restaurant Accounting Systems

We specialize in complete General Ledger and Accounting module installation and on-site training in several leading accounting software programs, including Compeat Software, the top-selling restaurant accounting software system available.

Our services include training your bookkeeper, controller, CFO and other staff.

We will also coordinate and complete all individual or network installation and training.

Complete Services

  • Design Chart of Accounts/General Ledger
  • Customize Financial Models in Excel
  • Oversee Polling of Restaurant Data
  • Bank Reconciliations/Positive Pay
  • Accounts Payable/Checks
  • Accounts Receivable/House Accounts
  • Inventory controls/Menu Items

Other Consulting Services

Manufacturing Accounting

Complete General Ledger and Accounting module installation and on-site training in several leading accounting software programs, including Macola/Exact Software, and QuickBooks.

Manufacturing Services include:
  • Cost Accounting
  • Training and Implementation of Macola/Exact Software
  • General Ledger
  • ERP
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory Control/Purchase Orders
  • WIP
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable

CFO For Hire

With a strong background in executive level financial management, Brian J. McAnneny Consulting, Inc, performs CFO functions for companies that need a CFO, but on a part-time affordable basis.

CFO Services include:
  • Train and oversee controllers/bookkeepers
  • Review bank reconciliations
  • Negotiate bank finances
  • Oversee financial reporting to management
  • Prepare pro-forma cash flow
  • Review debt equity structure/negotiate with banks
  • Oversee payroll and payroll entries
  • Work with CPA on year-end tax returns

For Entreprenuers

Whether you need help expanding your business, or keeping up with growth spurts, or you may need assistance with compliance or financial matters, Brian J. McAnneny Consulting, Inc, provides a wide range of consulting services to the Entrepreneur.

We take care of the fine print and details, ensuring and implementing the best practices and procedures.

Entrepreneur Services include:
  • Work with entrepreneurs to execute private deals
  • Negotiate acquisition & financing of commercial real estate properties including offices and apartment buildings
  • Negotiate acquisition & financing of business purchases and sales
  • Assist in creating optimum debt/equity structure including direct negotiations with institutional financing and equity investors
  • Perform workout restructuring of debt/equity including cash flow projections and improving internal controls
  • Business valuations for gifting and other IRS purposes

Debt Restructuring/Workout/Bankruptcies

We have extensive experience in debt restructuring and serve as the “quarterback” facilitating communication and cooperation between the attorneys, clients, accounting firms and the Bank.

We have worked on both sides of restructuring, our approach skillfully planned, allowing us to implement and execute many successful restructurings. We are members of TMA (Turnaround Management Association) of Connecticut and Boston

Debt Restructuring Services include:
  • Build detailed cash flow forecasts based on new and more reliable financial statements, improving integrity of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement.
  • Skillful negotiations with bank, venders, landlords, lease companies, investors and other entities
  • Work with bankruptcy attorneys on both in court and out of court restructuring
  • Do business valuations for IRS purposes

About Brian J. McAnneny Consulting

For over 25 years Brian J. McAnneny Consulting, Inc, has been providing executive level management consulting services geared to streamline client’s business structure, improve their financial performance and maximize shareholder profits.

  • MBA Finance-Accounting, University of Connecticut 1983
  • Commercial Loan Officer: Asset Based Loans, Credit Analysis, Commercial Real Estate Mortgages
  • Corporate Tax & Finance (both Nationally and Internationally)
  • Executive Level Management: Chief Financial Officer
  • Mergers/Acquisitions: Due Diligence and Negotiations
  • Debt/Equity Restructuring
  • General Ledger Systems for Accounting and Finance
  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • Business Cost Analysis: Lease v. Buy
  • Commercial Leasing Negotiations
  • Major Accounting Systems for Manufacturing Companies, Restaurants and General Businesses
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Restaurant Management Software

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